What Keeps Key Talent From Leaving You?

Should I stay or should I go?

One of the things I constantly encourage business owners to do, whether they have a retention of key talent problem or not, is conduct ‘stay’ discussions. 

The ‘stay’ discussion is a proactive way to establish what the business is doing right for the individual and with cleverly phrased questions, can flush out what may ‘push’ or ‘pull’ them away in the future (without initiating any naval gazing). It also provides the business with good quality information on what may need to addressed to support its retention aims. Whilst the results of these discussions report that the reasons for staying are largely unique to the individuals’ situation at that time, there are a number of key themes that constantly emerge from the findings. These are: 

•   Role stimulation: The job / role is a great challenge and keeps me mentally stimulated 
•   Recognition: I’m recognised and appreciated for my efforts 
•   Empowerment: I’m empowered to make decisions 
•   Support: My manager is my advocate and 'has my back' 

These themes also emerge as the typical aspects of employment that were absent for leaves (key talent or otherwise) when they exit from an organisation.

There's a lesson right there, that's for sure!