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So What Does A HR Consultant Do Anyway?

If you select wisely, an effective Human Resources Consultant (HRC) can bring your company a huge return on your investment and help you reach your business and individual goals - through your people. 

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How this is achieved is determined by your, or your businesses needs, budget and the time you have to plan and implement change. That's right, it's all about change - whether it be associated with an individual, a team, a department or the whole business. You pick up the phone to call a HRC because you want to start doing things differently. Put it this way, it would be a costly waste of everyone's time of you engage the services of a HRC and don't want or expect anything to change. Who would do this, I hear you say? You'd be surprised....

So, on to some examples of what a HRC might be engaged for:

  • Helping you develop a framework for employee understanding of the direction of your organisation and what they need to do to help it succeed
  • Supporting the plan and implementation of organisational restructuring and ensuring an effective alignment of structure and roles to suit the business needs and people with the right skills, knowledge, experience and attitude are engaged at the right time to carry out those roles
  • Formulating a strategy that ensures your HR department robustly supports, is aligned to and helps shape your company's culture 
  • Provide tools and techniques on coping and dealing with day-to-date people operations  - the good the bad and the ugly - in the form of policies, procedures, handbooks, online Intranet and Internet resources, employee value propositions and employment branding
  • Provide leadership or performance coaching and mentoring for groups and individuals
  • Provide a temporary thought partner who can 'run along side you' during your decision making for change.
Multiple priority juggling. It's an art. Just add text?

Multiple priority juggling. It's an art. Just add text?

Who knows everything anyway?

Who knows everything anyway?

Even if you are a HR manager yourself, never underestimate the value of having a like-minded independent expert to bounce ideas around with and support you during your decision making. You don't have to know everything.


So in summary, an effective HRC can offer many types of services, most of which you may be expected to know, understand and have a handle on by your peers and managers. But we appreciate that this isn't always the case. And as a business or HR leader who is juggling multiple priorities, it's not always easy to know exactly what support you need help with - this is where Convey Consulting can help.


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