Paula has coached every level of leader, manager and non-manager through most scenarios and her extensive experience brings a wealth of knowledge of what works, what doesn't and what's worth giving a go. With a no-nonsense, firm but fair approach, Paula ensures accountability is placed and owned and results are accomplished. Recognition that a successful coaching partnership is largely to do with the relationship between the coach and the person being offered coaching is paramount to Paula. The coaching chemistry has to be right for any results to be achieved and as such a pre-coaching exploratory discussion is the first step in this important pipeline. 

Change Management

During Paula's career and in each of her roles, she has successfully supported her leaders and business areas through all levels of change, from merging project teams together with little or no loss of skills, building large teams for new and changes businesses to rationalising significant numbers during organisation restructures. Such experiences include providing a key HR project support role to senior managers during a significant merger, which saw a reduction from a 14,000 to a 10,000 workforce over a short period of time. This type of change management required for success by leaders cannot be underestimated and Paula takes on a partnership role with each of her clients to gain the best possible outcome all round. 

Resilience and Wellness

Resilience and Wellness management are areas that Paula has had extensive experience in, largely due to the significant change management activities she's supported businesses through, during her career. The ability for leaders and individuals to thrive at work during periods of change and significant pressure doesn't always come easily or naturally. Paula holds practical and effective advice and strategies that will enable businesses and their teams to recognise everyday stressors, put mechanisms in place to buffer against negative thoughts, environments and situations and 'bounce back' from setbacks.

HR Policy Review and Development

Each of Paula's roles have brought her a myriad of opportunities to broaden her experience and knowledge. One such opportunity is that of HR policy development for everyday HR management needs - and the not so everyday HR management needs. Having researched, developed and implemented numerous HR policies and procedures, Paula's experience and currency of knowledge is invaluable for today's leaders to ensure that they keep ahead of the ever changing employment environment.

Risk Management

In Paula's capacity as a HR manager, HR consultant and HR project manager, risk identification and management has played a key role in ensuring that every eventually has been considered and contingently accounted for. Having had the experience of both establishing and managing a risk management system for a HR function and designing and implementing risk management frameworks as a consultant for other risk and business manager's,  Paula has the value adding exposure to the management of risks from both perspectives.